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DIRECTIONS: Take off wrapper, place in water, and enjoy! To get the best fizz at top of water carefully place bath bomb into water encouraging it to float! *For bath bombs with a wrapper please keep wrapper away from children as this can be a chocking hazard. *For bath bombs over 4 oz you may need to hold bath bomb at surface of water to get the fizzie as in some of the pictures. The heavier the bath bomb the less likely it is to float. This will help achieve pretty color on the surface of the water.

SHRINK WRAP: For items that have been shrink wrapped: Unwrap very carefully as pulling on packaging can damage the bath bomb. Keep wrapping away from children as it can be a chocking hazard.

STORAGE: Store in dry/sun free area. Leave in airtight container to prevent moisture from entering the bath bomb. All Bath Bombs are very delicate as they are mainly made of dry ingredients. Moisture, sun, humidity, heat, etc can activate/ruin the bath bomb. Please store in cooler dry area away from the sun. During humid times of the year I put in oven to ensure dry bath bombs are being shipped.

Dropping or hitting bath bomb can destroy it. Use caution with handling as it is mainly dry ingredients pressed together! *This is a handmade item!! I will do my best to have bath bomb image appear as in picture. Please know that each item is uniquely made and may very in size and in color. There may be a slight variation in color, ounces, etc. I will do my best to make product appear as in picture. Ounces can change due to the binder I use and the humidity within the air.